This issue covers SGI President Ikeda's visit and dialogue with actor Orlando Bloom: "'We are friends and comrades forever,' said President Ikeda. 'The playwright August Strindberg wrote: 'The actor must control the role and not let the role control him.' The important thing is to remain true to yourself. That's exactly what you are doing. You don't define yourself solely in terms of your profession as an actor, of your work -- that world is not enough for you. For you are dedicating your life to others, to society and to the eternal philosophy of Buddhism. That is a very noble, very admirable attitude. It is the most worthwhile kind of life there is.'


Orlando Bloom presents SGI President Ikeda with a painting of Mount Fuji.



Credit: Seikyo Press

"Mr. Bloom pledged to make a positive contribution by working to improve society and the world and to live up to the SGI leader's high expectations. 'Life is long,' replied President Ikeda. 'The important thing is to remain true to a lofty goal to the very end. And Buddhism enables you to adorn the final chapter of your life with brilliant success, just as the golden sun colors the sky in glorious crimson hues and beams of sublime light. To do so, you need to keep making efforts year after year and winning year after year. Success today doesn't automatically guarantee success tomorrow. Final victory is eternal victory. That's my advice to you as a friend.'"

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